What are the details of the proposed sports facility?
A new multi-purpose sports complex would be built as a state-of-the-art tournament and training facility designed to support numerous sports programs. The flexible space will have the ability to be quickly and efficiently converted for a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball and football for players from the age of 5 to 75+.  The vision of the complex includes the potential of adding additional sports in the future, if beneficial to the community and complex.  The vision includes hiking/jogging trails, parks, and facilities to host community events and be an aggregation venue for the local community for all seasons.

How many fields will the complex have?
In its initial concept, the complex would be comprised of 20-30 fields, parks, trails and facilities to host community events and programs.

What sports will play there?
Initially, the complex is expected to support soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball and football with other sports being added based on over time, based on local and regional interest.

Is it only sports fields?
No.  The concept and vision are to have recreation areas and facilities to potentially include a teen/community center, trails and summer concerts among other community events and amenities to create a facility for the entire community to enjoy.  

How will the complex be paid for?
It will be privately financed through a public-private partnership with the local city and/or county.

How much will this project cost taxpayers?
Because the North Bay Sports Complex will be privately financed through a public-private partnership there is no expectation for any local or county taxes for its development, maintenance or operation.  This project will not be funded by any additional tax or bond measures to the local and/or county residents.  It is hoped that city or county land can be utilized and a land-use partnership can be completed to the mutual benefit of the community and the project.  The development, maintenance and operations would be funded and managed by the complex organizers to optimize local, regional and national sports play and community events.  Many cities and counties currently find themselves under tremendous budgetary pressures with some even having plans for fields but, unfortunately, no current or future funding available due to other priorities or, simply, a lack of funding.  We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to engage in a public-private partnership to relieve budgetary pressures and build a privately funded state-of-the-art facility to benefit the local community and athletes across multiple ages and generations while saving significant costs to city/county government.

What are ‘Public-Private Partnerships’?
Public-private partnerships between a government agency and private-sector company can be used to finance, build and operate projects, such as public transportation networks, parks and convention centers.  Financing a project through a public-private partnership can allow a project to be completed sooner or make it a possibility in the first place.

Is it just for kids?
No, it is a facility for all ages, from 5 to 75+.

What level of play will the complex host?
Skill level will vary across all levels from recreational to tournament levels across the different sports offered.  The concept targets local, regional and national play and tournaments across the spectrum of skill levels.

How will it impact traffic?
The expectation is that traffic will likely be comprised of a stream of lower volume as games are expected to be played during weekday evenings and throughout the days on weekends.  Traffic will not be expected in large volumes at any given time.  This will all be reviewed and final expected volumes and traffic periods will be determined during a detailed traffic study as a part of the development process for the specific location.

When will games be played?
The expectation is that weekday games will be played during the evenings and weekend games will be played throughout the day.  Exact times will be determined by the specific logistics allowed by City and County ordinance depending on the exact location.

Where will it be located?
The complex is expected to be located in the North Bay in a location to be determined between Hwy 80 and Hwy 101.  We are looking at a number of locations in Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties and anticipate a location to be determined shortly.  Currently, there are multiple sites under consideration.  The initial focus has been in the Napa area with the impetus being to bring a facility to the home area of the founding group.  As the project has moved forward, greater interest has been received from surrounding areas.  A project of this type requires consideration of a variety of sites and to perform an appropriate level of due diligence regarding the location and how to maximize community benefit. That’s why we’ve taken a regional approach to determine the best location for the local and regional communities of the North Bay.  We continue to welcome open, partner-level discussions with City and County agencies and, most importantly, are always looking for community input to determine how we can bring this project to the North Bay Area.  Ultimately, wherever the project is located, it will be available on a local, regional and national basis for sporting and community events.  We welcome any community ideas for this project to be shared with us at as we finalize location and project specifics.

How will the complex fund ongoing operations and maintenance?
Through the public-private partnership, the operations and maintenance will be the responsibility of NBSC to maintain and operate the fields

Will my local team be able to use the complex and how much will it cost?

The North Bay Sports Complex would be built to support local league practices, games, leagues, and tournaments as well as to host regional and national events. Many local teams and athletes are having difficulty finding field space to practice, train, and host their league games and tournaments. The scheduling and rental policies of the complex are designed to ensure local teams and athletes are provided opportunities to access this state-of-the-art venue at a cost that is comparable to existing facilities.  In fact, we would endeavor to create a relationship with local communities for programming to be no more expensive than currently available for local residents. Local community activities—even those that are not sports based—would be welcomed at the North Bay Sports Complex.

What will NBSC contribute to the community’s growth?
Sports has served as a pillar of community growth for many decades, and this new multipurpose venue would help fill a void in what many consider to be one of the best sports areas in the country. With a reputation as a sports community and a growing resume of national events, this new, world-class facility would showcase the region to even wider local, regional, and national level. Sports help define an area as a healthy, vibrant and family-orientated community—with a high quality of life, worthy of relocation and investment and has proven to be a catalyst to bringing young and growing families to the local areas.

Will population density or the number of local club teams play a role in the final site selection?
No. If population density or club team volume were critical criteria then the project would be focused on more densely populated areas of the Bay Area. That’s why this project is special and we can evaluate specific areas in the North Bay that are not tied to that type of criteria.  The primary criteria of our project are to build a privately funded facility with the help and direction of the local community (the public) and to serve the community, for sports and other community benefits.  As long as we can make it commercially viable to ensure its long-term sustainability, it’s a win-win.  That’s why it’s critical that the community becomes involved and helps us identify a final site for the project and what they would like to see in such a complex. 

How will a regional sports complex boost the economy?

A multi-purpose sports complex will impact the economy through the attraction of visitors to the regional as well as the local communities.  A feasibility study is being conducted which will estimate economic and social impact but similar facilities show significant economic benefit generating millions in restaurant, hotel, and direct-attendee spending and tax revenues to the local economy.  Ultimately, the local community will benefit from a state-of-the-art facility through its use by the local citizenry, diversifying the local economy and adding substantial new tax revenue streams.  In addition, the facility will create hundreds of jobs through the construction phase and full-time employment once operational.